Cosmetic dentistry is the most exciting procedure amongst all dental procedure with immediate patient and clinician rewards.  Minor dental issues like small tooth fracture, front tooth cavities small gaps between teeth etc. Usually can be resolved with the help of cosmetic dentistry at Nagpur Dentist -best cosmetic dentistry clinic in nagpur.

Dr Manish Thadani (MDS - Orthodontics) has special skill by using digital technology to enhance patients smile esthetics.  These procedure can be customized as per individual need.  

Dr Manish (best dentist in nagpur)can help you understand requirements in your case upfront in order to get best esthetic outcome.  

Composite boding and esthetic contouring - procedure to correct small dental flaws as discussed above with the help of composite material (tooth colour fillings). Complex cases usually need more than esthetic composite fillings.  


Small gaps between teeth

Small teeth fracture

Cavity between two adjacent front teeth

Minor teeth discoloration

Procedure for composite bonding:

Careful shade selection as per individual case need

Proper bonding technique with all routine dental protocol

After filling teeth usually behaves as a normal tooth and all brushing and oral hygeine practices can be followed as usual.