Metal Braces

Conventional Metal Brackets – from the leading manufactures of the world Like 3M, Ormco American Orthodontics are being used to bring about best results in the given case

Metal Braces

Metal Self Ligating brackets – has an added in advantage due to its design in certain types of case (see pic) along with added advantage of its design which keeps wire free in bracket in order to move teeth faster at times.

Metal Self Ligating

Ceramic Braces – two basic types conventional and self ligating are available. Again from best manufacturers from the world to create beautiful smile with added esthetic sense to it.

Conventional Ceramic Brackets
Ceramic Self-Ligating

Clear Aligners – The recent advance into digital technology and its advanced application into the field of orthodontics has made possible to align teeth without use of any types of braces. Medical grade plastic polyurethane sheets of varied diameter is being used to bring changes in your smile

Clear Aligner – Wirefree Braces

Lingual braces – Advancement in the technology has made it possible to place brackets on the inner surface of the teeth and brings about changes in the position of the teeth.

Invisible Braces